Main features of our Panel Blinds Melbourne


  1. Bobs blinds  are available in several trendy fabrics.
  2. You have the choice of four colors that are White birch, White, Black and clear anodized.
  3. The bobs blinds  product is fully compliant when it comes to Child safety rules.
  4. Our bobs blinds product range begins from  two over to nine excellent panels.
  5. The product makes it very possible for any of your fabrics to be easily matched to any rollers Blinds, Verticals, or Romans .
  6. The Oval bottom bobs blinds rail is available in Anodised, Pure White, sandstone,  Barley, Bronze Pearl, Dune, Bone, and Satin Black.
  7. Our product Provides for spacious drawing options to either the left or the right and centre opening and bunching.
  8. The Panel Glides replacement for your fabric panel and also tracks are available. If you have any worn out panel glides fabric or maybe they need to be  changed, we will replace fabrics panel without actually having the whole blinds replaced.
  9. The actual minimum Width of bobs blinds Panel is 450mm
  10. The optimum Width of Panel is about 1000mm.
  11. The utmost  Width of bobs blinds Blind is 5500mm.
  12. The maximum Drop is about 3600mm.


You can now end up covering your sliding doors that lead to backyards, decks, balconies or a patio using our bobs blinds sliding panel blinds Melbourne. Our various panel blinds will bring over the much desired coolness and matching decor of your home.

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