Complete Blockage of Sunlight

How vertical blinds enhance the beauty of your home

Most people know that your home’s decor is enhanced with standard window treatments. However, most people are unaware that they can greatly improve the look of their window blinds with the addition of a top window treatment. With many great styles available, top window treatments have progressed significantly over the years to add an elegant touch to your home’s décor. Top window treatments are much more than just an elegant addition to your home; they also have many benefits to boost your current window coverings. Vertical blinds help to enhance most window situations and are a beautiful way to cover windows.  Modern fabrics and high quality components are bringing Vertical blinds back into fashion.  Create beautiful decorator styling with extremely versatile shading options.


There are many different types of blinds available in a range of colors, which means getting the right style and look for your home is easily done. Roman, Venetian and woven wood blinds are the most popular types. Each of these different blinds can offer an entirely different look therefore enhancing your living space without drastically changing it. Our design professionals carry a wide range of shutters, blinds, and shade that will look great in any room of your home. During our services, we work our hardest to provide for all of our customers’ needs. We offer free on-site consultations in which our experts can help you choose the window treatment options that will best work with your interior design scheme.


Benefits of Vertical Window Blinds:-

  • The makes your blinds extremely versatile, as not only are they a functional and attractive choice for living rooms and bedrooms in domestic premises, they’re also a superb choice for offices and other business premises too. Vertical blinds can really make a feature of any window, as well as providing a practical means of controlling and adjusting privacy and the amount of light entering a building. Plus, the louvers are available in a variety of widths, so you can customize your blinds to suit your needs.
  • Vertical blinds Melbourne can save you money in other ways. By reducing the rays of the run that enter into rooms the heat index will also start to drop. During the summer months you will save on electric and air conditioning costs. So you can save up to 20 percent are not uncommon with good strong vertical blinds. Vertical blinds can also help save money during the winter months as well. By keeping the windows covered with a good, strong vertical blind, less heat will escape. This will be reflected in lower heat and fuel bills.
  • Your blinds are likely to need replacing from time to time. Whether that’s from use and age, general wear and tear, or because you’ve recently redecorated and your existing blinds no longer match the new decor, purchasing and fitting new blinds can sometimes be stressful. But vertical blinds are an exception.
  • Vertical blinds are easy to keep clean; fabric louvers can be removed and washed, and if the louvers are made from materials such as wood, they can simply be wiped to keep them free from dust.


Bob’s Blinds Melbourne provides 100% top quality product – Manufactured in Melbourne.


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